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Driving Lesson Prices


Would you like to learn to change gears?

If you pass the driving test in a manual car, you are able to drive manual or auto.

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Forget the hassle of gear changing!

Automatics are becoming more popular due to growing numbers of electric cars.

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ADIT Driving School has been teaching people to drive for over 7 years with one main aim - to help you pass your driving test as quickly and as safely as possible, while saving you money in the long run.

Last year, the average national pupil passed their driving test with 40 or 50 hours of tuition, but with ADIT Driving School the average pupil only had around 22 hours tuition. To put that into perspective, that's around half the national average!

Hourly Manual Lessons

1 Hour£30
1.5 Hours£45£42
2 Hours£60£54

Hourly driving lessons are flexible - book them when you have time, around your schedule.

5 Hour Manual Offer

LessonPriceBuy online
5 Hours Manual£150£130

Whatever your level of driving skill, you can take advantage of this offer with ADIT.


Manual Block Booking / Pre Paid*

ManualPriceBuy online
10 Hours£300£260
20 Hours£600£530
30 Hours£900£800
40 Hours£1200£1060
50 Hours£1500£1300

Save money on the hourly rate by Block Booking you driving lessons! It also means you can book the lessons in advance to make sure you get the lessons times you want.


Manual Intensive Driving Course*

5 Days£900£830up to 6 Hours Per Day
40 Hours£1200£1100up to 6 Hours Per Day
50 Hours£1500£1370up to 6 Hours Per Day
60 Hours£1800£1640up to 6 Hours Per Day

Intensive driving course for pupils that want to learn how to drive in 5 DAYS!


Hourly Automatic Lessons

1 Hour£32
1.5 Hours£48£45
2 Hours£64£58

If you aren't sure when you'll have time to take each driving lesson - booking hourly is probably the best way to go.

5 Hour Automatic Offer

LessonPriceBuy online
5 Hours Auto£160£140

A 5 hour deal for pupils that are new to our school.


Automatic Block Booking / Pre Paid*

LessonPriceBuy online
10 Hours£320£280
20 Hours£640£570
30 Hours£960£860
40 Hours£1280£1140
50 Hours£1600£1400

If you can arrange you lessons ahead of schedule, you'll be able to save money on the hourly rate by block booking.


Automatic Intensive Driving Course*

5 Days£960£890up to 6 Hours Per Day
40 Hours£1280£1180up to 6 Hours Per Day
50 Hours£1600£1470up to 6 Hours Per Day
60 Hours£1920£1760up to 6 Hours Per Day

Get to test standard fast with an intensive course. Our 5 day offer can get pupils to test standard in 1 week!