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ADI Part 3 test of teaching ability training with ADIT is carried out in-car with your own trainer. This means you will have the undivided attention of the intstuctor, which ensures that you are learning the whole time. ADI Part 3 bookings and enquiries.

About ADI Part 3

ADI Part 3 Test of Teaching Ability

ADI part 3 can only be taken after passing the ADI Part 2 test. Candidates have 3 attempts to pass - if unsuccessful, they must wait until 2 years after the date of passing ADI Part 1 before reapplying to become a Driving Instructor again.

The Part 3 test takes about one hour and will assess:

  • core competencies
  • instructional techniques
  • instructor characteristics

To assess the trainee driving instructor, the examiner plays the role of a pupil. The trainee gives a lesson to the 'pupil' - whilst the lesson is happening, the examiner will also be assessing how well they are being taught.

Throughout the test, the examiner will guide the candidate so that it's clear what they need to do and where they need to drive.

The Test

Part 3 is broken into two half hour sections (called 'phases'), they consist of:

  • Phase 1: the examiner plays the role of a beginner or pupil with limited driving knowledge
  • Phase 2: the examiner plays the role of a partly trained pupil or a full licence holder in need of improvement

At the start of phase one, after the necessary legal checks have been made on the car and candidate, the examiner will explain that they are about to go into role as a pupil, and that they should be treated as such.

The examiner gives a short 'word picture' so the candidiate has some information about the pupil and the areas in which they need help, after this, the lesson begins.

Towards the end of phase 1, the examiner will say that the lesson is nearly finished - the candidate will need to wrap up the lesson and give some feedback to the 'pupil' if necessary.

There is a quick break after phase 1, where the examiner will make some notes about the lesson in order to help them work out the final marks at the end of the Part 3 test.

The same procedure takes place for phase 2, where a word picture is given before the lesson gets underway.

Again, near the end of phase 2 the examiner will let the candidate know the lesson is nearly finished. They will then need to wrap up the lesson and give feedback if necessary. This will occur at or near the test centre.

At the end of phase 2 the examiner will come out of role; go back into the test centre to work out the final marks, and fill out the paperwork. Candidates then wait until the examiner calls them to the office to hear the results, and also some feedback about the phase 1 and phase 2 lessons that they gave.

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