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New Learners / Novice Drivers


2 hour taster lesson.

Meet the instructor: get a feel for the car; ask any questions - we can advise which lessons will be most suitable for you.

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Do you want help with the theory test?.

ADIT is able to provide Theory Test Training online or at the head office.

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Taster / Assessment Lesson*

2 HoursManualAuto
Partly Trained£60£50£64£50
Test Standard£60£52£64£52
Full UK Licence Holder£60£55£64£55
European Licence Holder£60£56£64£56
International Licence Holder£60£56£64£56

Taster lesson - get to know the car; the instructor, and ask any questions you have.

The taster lesson is a great way for a brand new learner to get to know the instructor, learn how to use the vehicle controls and ask any questions.

Your instructor can also assess your driving level, and advise you which type of lessons might be best for you.


Car Theory Test Training

1 Hour£10
10 Hour£85£15
20 Hour£160£50

Learn and practice how to do the theory test, including the hazards perception section of the test. Can be done online or as 1-2-1 training at the ADIT office.

High 1st Time Pass Rate with ADIT Driving School

Pupils Choose ADIT For a Reason

At ADIT Driving School, we have a high 1st Time Pass Rate - also, our pupils pass in half the number of hours as the national average