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We are offering the chance to become a franchisee to instructors who wants to join our driving school. When someone becomes an instructor, they often don't get many pupils, but we can help you to stay busy all week, and we will support you throughout your franchise.

Please visit the ADIT Driving School Franchise website for more information.

We have some really interesting offers for instructors who want to join the ADIT DRIVING SCHOOL franchise. The offers are below:

  1. 2 weeks free trial
  2. Eight to Ten learners guaranteed in two weeks (if we can't provide you 8 to 10 people within 2 weeks, we won’t charge any money)
  3. If the instructor is happy to continue with us after two weeks free trial, then there will be a short term contract of 6 month (No long-term contract)
  4. Pupils deal with the instructors directly, including payments
  5. If the instructor decides not to work with us, they can give 2 weeks notice to cancel the contract

Furthermore, we provide items for the franchise:

  1. Company's name board and Roof Board
  2. Pupils Assessment Sheet OR Card
  3. Business Cards (with the instructor's name)
  4. Online Booking Diary - arrange your pupil's diary on your own. (a diary for writing your daily schedule as well)
  5. Standard check training free of cost

Option 1:

ADIT Driving school will provide brand new car, insurance, roof sign, assessment/progress sheets and appointment cards. Free standard check training will also be provided.

Candidates will stay with the same trainer throughout, unless there is a change of circumstances. Franchisee will collect charges from candidates.

Option 2:

Franchisee will be allowed to use his/her own business name. Driving school will provide on line web support, marketing, roof sign assessment/progress sheets and appointment cards.

We will refer customers to the franchisee and he/she will collect the charges from the trainees. Initial contract will be for a six months but, it will be extended after satisfactory outcome.


For more information please contact us ADIT Driving School enquiries.

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Office: 0208 575 2288


Call/Text: 07799 333766

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