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ADIT driving school was established in Southall

Areas we cover include Wembley, Harrow, Uxbridge, Hayes, Slough, Staines, Isleworth, Feltham, Pinner, Hounslow, Greenford and Feltham.

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Our qualified instructors have good knowledge of all types roads across their areas and give professional, calm but enjoyable lessons.

The ADIT aim is to prepare learners to become safe and confident drivers for life.

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We have helped hundreds of pupils to successfully pass their driving test.

Much of our work comes through recommendations from our pupils, please take a look at some of their testimonials...

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass

I passed my test today with just two minors!!

I'm really happy, and a big thank you to my driving instructor Sohail for supporting me on my driving journey.

I highly recommend ADIT driving school


From: Alise

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass

Jas you dont understand how I feel now knowing I have passed my practical test and can finally start to drive.

As I said I have failed twice in the past but learning to drive with you was the best experience could ever ask for, you made me feel so at ease in my lessons and never got angry or upset when i did wrong....


From: Robert

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass Isleworth

Thank you so much for being such a great instructor. Being always calm and patient towards mistakes.

I couldn't pass the first time without his informative lessons.

I would recommend him to anyone, thank you!

From: Irina

Test Pass: Isleworth

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass Isleworth

Sohail is an extremely qualified instructor who will not only give you the tips to pass the test, but also useful tricks you will use for the rest of your driving career.

His criticism has remained constructive and professional throughout the past few weeks, and I have left every lesson feeling more confident for the test than before.

Throughout the many driving instructors I have had that try to push me to pay for more lessons for their own good, none come close to Sohail in caring about their student's success and truthfully analysing how much time you need.

I strongly recommend anyone aspiring for their driving licence in London to call Adit Driving School and book with Sohail ASAP

From: Shaheer

Test Pass: Isleworth

Where do I start, Before I started with Jas I was learning from a different instructor got about 10 hours done and realised I was getting no where and just wasting away my money.

As soon as I got in touch with Jas from the very first lesson I learnt so much and I knew Jas was a top instructor, also Adit teach by the book so everything is going to be on the level it should be.

Jas taught me everything which was only around 20 hours and my driving was near to perfect.

Learning from pictures and diagrams, opening the lessons with what mistakes I’ve made in the previous lessons and working on them every lesson made me the driver I am today.

I wouldn’t have passed if it wasn't for Jas who is in my opinion, the best instructor and also very friendly. Thanks Jas :)

From: Gurdeep

Thank you very much to Jas who helped me to pass my driving test at first attempt!

He is very professional and possesses good teaching skills. He is very patient and helps you to recognise your mistakes and improve.

He is also very punctual and flexible with the lesson bookings.

I will highly recommend Jas/ ADIT Driving School.

From: Deepika

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass

A massive thank you to my driving instructor Mr. Das, he taught me to drive safely. He is very calm, super patient, great at building up driving confidence and flexible.

He exactly knew how to comfort me when I just wasn't driving at my best and helping me stop coasting as I used to do it often.

Das was knowledgeable and informative towards my questions when they arise. His experience is very much apparent. He gave me lots of good advice and tips for my test and for life.

I highly recommend ADIT Driving school and Mr.Das to anyone who want to get into driving. Thank you, keep up the good work!!

From: Chris, Hayes

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass

Thank you Das. You are a fantastic instructor, who showed a clear understanding and more importantly patience in teaching me to learn to drive responsibly and safely.

I can honestly say you are a true asset to your driving school and would highly recommend your service to anyone that wants to learn how drive and have the highest chance of passing first time like me.

I'm very grateful to have passed my test first time and with such a great instructor behind me....and I couldn't see why not!!

From: Godwin, Hayes

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass

Oh My God. I'm glad I had a instructor like Das who helped me everywhere. He taught me everything!

......and thanks to him I passed my Test FIRST TIME!!

Thank you very much Das and Adit driving school

From: Dhruv, Southall

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass

I strongly recommend Nabeela, my driving instructor is a very kind and helpful person taught me the right way of driving.

Many thanks to her!

From: Tariq, Southall

ADIT Driving School Pupil - Test Pass

Excellent teaching ability, in a very professional way.

I recommend everyone to go to ADIT for driving learning.

From: Luan, Northolt


Manual and Automatic Lessons across a wide area

Our Driving School gives driving lessons across a wide area including Southall, Wembley, Harrow, Uxbridge, Hayes, Slough, Staines, Isleworth, Feltham, Pinner, Hounslow, Greenford and Feltham.

Our instructors have good knowledge of all the roads in the area and give professional, calm but enjoyable lessons that will take pupils on all types of road so they can experience every traffic situation in preparation for becoming a safe driver for life, and importantly, preparing them so that they are confident when taking the practical driving test.

For further details, please contact ADIT Driving School.

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Lessons with ADIT Driving School

We have various driving lesson offers - the longer the lesson, the more you'll be able to improve. If you're unable to make the same time every week, hourly lessons are ideal. Often 2 hours is long enough, especially for learners on their initial lessons, when there's a lot more information to take in. We have 2 hour lessons deal as well as a great intro offer for ALL new pupils to ADIT Driving School.

For learners who want to get to test standard quickly, intensive driving courses are a great way to do this while saving money on the hourly rate.

Last year, the average national pupil passed their driving test with 40 or 50 hours of tuition, but with ADIT Driving School the average pupil only had around 22 hours tuition. To put that into perspective, that's around half of the national average!

For further details, please contact ADIT Driving School.

High 1st Time Pass Rate with ADIT Driving School

Pupils Choose ADIT For a Reason

At ADIT Driving School, we have a high 1st Time Pass Rate - also, our pupils pass in half the number of hours as the national average